We usually get baffled between flu and the common cold. It is quite obvious to get confused between the two because the symptoms of both the diseases are almost similar, but it does have a slight difference too, that we must know. Symptoms of respiratory illness like sneezing are seen in the common cold whereas, the flu will have muscle ache with fever. Flu can make you seriously ill and if the symptoms persist for weeks then this can result in pneumonia. The patient can even be hospitalized, whereas in common cold you may just feel bad for 3 to 4 days. Thus, the flu is more severe than the common cold. Natural treatment for flu can ease out the symptoms of flu. To know more about the flu and its treatment, first look at the symptoms and to understand it thoroughly.

Symptoms of Flu
People suffering from flu often gets a fever, it can reach to the higher side like 100-102F, it is seen that the children have more temperature and can last more than 3 to 4 days. A headache, body ache, extreme fatigue, chest congestions and chills are very common symptoms. Just like common cold, you may sometimes have symptoms like coughing, sneezing and sore throat. Fighting with flu naturally is the only way out to cure your illness as it is safe and easy to follow.

How it all starts?

The main cause of flu is influenza virus, which strikes to your upper respiratory tract. From person to person these viruses are easily transferred. If you have a weak immune system or suffering from nutrition deficiencies then there is more possibility to catch the flu. The symptoms of flu can become worse when you do not take proper sleep, having stress or exposed to excessive toxins.

When you are poorly ill, your body turns into a battlefield of thousands of viruses, killing your own good cells and getting multiplied. This is quite interesting to know because we all suffer from the flu but we hardly know what exactly is happening inside our body at the microscopic level. Natural remedies for flu will make your body strong by strengthening its own immune system so that your own body can defeat harmful viruses causing flu.

Naturopathy Supplements for Flu

Medicines used in naturopathy have been observed as the holistic approach, as it cures illness and other disorders. Your naturopath will be devoted to treating your illness while reducing the side effects of other medicines. Here is a list, of naturopathy medicines for the flu that you must take while having the illness.


This is an excellent herb which fights of the viruses and it is advised to take this medicine when you see the first indication if illness. This will help you from falling sick. Take 1000mg of this medicine daily, for 2 to 3 days.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is highly beneficial for boosting the immunity and improves the white cells in the body, which fights off the viruses. Consume 1000mg of vitamin C for 3 to 4 days for better results. These natural ways to treat flu will never give you any side effects.


Elderberry herb works wonderfully, to deactivate the virus cells causing flu and boosts the immunity naturally. Take 10ml of elderberry daily.

Zinc is another effective supplement, it has antiviral properties. It improves the immune system of the body. Take 50 to 100mg of zinc medicine, at the very first signs of flu symptoms.

Oregano Oil

Take 500mg of oregano oil for 2 days. It also has a strong antiviral effect.

Other Essential Oils for Flu 


Essential oils work perfectly to encourage the immune system of the body. Just rub few drops of peppermint, frankincense and clove oils at the base of the feet and neck. Essential oils fasten up the recovery process from the flu and further protect the body against the viruses.

Foods That Fights With Flu

Today, many researchers are finding out nourishing food solutions for common illness. Never ever underestimate the potential of everyday food that helps us to fend the flu naturally.

Ginger, garlic, and onions

We never knew that these everyday vegetables boost our immunity. Vegetables like onions, ginger, and garlic which are used in everyday cooking have flu-fighting properties. Chew raw garlic in every 2 to 3 hours and if you don’t want to eat raw then cook it, in your favorite soup or vegetable. Add onion and ginger to your soup or vegetables, it will make your food tasty and help to heal from flu naturally. Ginger has gingerly which make your body warm and slows down with the clot formation. All these food will fight with the harmful virus and minimizes the symptoms like a headache, body aches, and chest congestion.

Sip up More of Clear Liquids


We all know that fluids are good for our body when we fall sick. It’s easy on your stomach to digest liquid food and especially when you don’t want to eat anything. You should never force yourself to eat instead you can drink clear liquids, like bone broth and vegetable soups, herbal tea works great to boost our energy level and makes us hydrated. When we fall sick, we tend to lose lots of water from our body and thus it is essential to be hydrated. We should drink 8 ounces of water within every 2 hours. This will help to flush out toxins and viruses from your body. Drink honey, cinnamon, and lemon mixed with warm water or make a piping hot decoction with ginger in hot water and add honey and slices of lemon in it; this will reduce the formation of mucus. Heal your body naturally from the flu by drinking clear fluids.


Food that should be avoided

Avoid consuming food like sugar, processed food, fruit juices and processed dairy products. Sugar decreases the good white cells which fight with the viruses. Processed food increases the nutrients deficiency because it has GMO’s, which prolong the symptoms of flu. And other processed dairy products makes more forming of mucus. Also, fend off caffeine when you are sick. Naturopathy medication for flu helps you to quick fix from illness from everyday food that we eat. We can easily cure ourselves, simply by avoiding few food items that prolong the symptoms of illness.

Stay Clean and Take Full Rest

full rest

Make sure your body is clean to recover soon from sickness. There is no harm in staying clean; you may take hot water bath by adding few drops of essential oils like tea tree or eucalyptus oil which will ease your body pain. These oils will kill the germs and lavender oil will make your body relax and refreshing. Keep washing your hands with antiseptic hand wash, this will protect your near and dear ones from spreading the virus.

It’s ok, if you are sick everyone falls sick and you too are allowed to take rest. Never think that you are selfish or lazy, let your body recovers on its own. Always try to listen, what your body says to you if it does not want to do any exercise or daily chores then avoid doing that. This will aid and support your body to fight the flu viruses naturally. Simply lie down and make yourself comfortable, watch television or read a book.
These natural remedies and tips for flu are useful and give you relief from the symptoms instantly, try out and get rid of the flu.

Natural Treatment for Flu

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