We know all the indication of common cold, runny nose, scratchy throat, watery eyes and non-stop sneezing. Few people tend to catch cold frequently and others stay fit and fine. Catching a cold, during the winter season is quite usual. But it is more important to know, how to protect ourselves before hand and always remember precaution is better than cure. Here, we will be discussing everything about common cold such as what actually the common cold is, how it starts and how to prepare for it, especially for the winter season and some useful natural treatment for the common cold.

Understanding the Basics of Common Cold

The illness is basically caused by the virus. They are very tiny in size and more than 200 types of viruses are there and these viruses’ stick to the mucous membranes of the throat and nose, which steal the good living cells and further, forcing them to recreate more virus cells. It is quite disturbing to read that but it is exactly what happens to us when we catch a cold. And the symptoms of common cold arise like,

A sore throat,
Inflammation of nose and throat.

All these symptoms occur when our body struggles to combat the virus. You feel tired and miserable when your body is fighting constantly with the cold virus. There are many natural remedies for common cold to reduce these symptoms, in a most comfortable manner.

The Facts about Common Cold

It’s easy to catch a cold when you get in contact with the infected person like you touch the spoon, computer keyboard; remote control and door knob and then you touch your face and nose with the same hands. If your immune system is not strong then you can catch a cold when someone sneezes in the air or you are just near to the infected person.
There are lots of myths about common cold like you catch a cold when you are wet or feeling cold, instead, you will easily get infected when you have allergy symptoms with the nose and throat or feeling excessively fatigued or going through emotional melancholy. Naturopathy cure for the common cold has worked effectively to protect ourselves completely from the cold.

Naturopathy Treatment for Common Cold

Here are some fruitful treatments for common cold which will reduce the symptoms fast and instantly your body will start its own defense mechanism to fight against the cold and build up the immunity more strong. Curing common cold through naturopathy will help you to stay fit all the time, even in winter season.



Stay Hydrated



The most important remedy is simple and absolutely free of cost, where you just need to stay hydrated. Doctors usually advise us to take rest and drink a lot of water, at the time when we are sick. Water helps us to feel better and this supports the natural healing process of the body. You should drink herbal tea, ginger tea, fresh vegetable juices. Hot chicken and vegetable soups and broth work excellent to get relief from the nasal and throat congestion. Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeinated coffee, artificial sweeteners like cold drinks and cocktails, all these makes your body dehydrated. A natural method to treat the cold is to drink water all the time.


Vitamin C


Vitamin C is an ideal natural remedy for curing a cold because it activates the white cells of the body to fight the infection. It is advised to take the supplement of vitamin C with the bioflavonoid of 2000mg, at first. Then reduce the dosage to 500mg and take it in intervals of 2 to 3 hours. It is advice not to take the medicine of vitamin C too much as it can cause diarrhea and other stomach problems.



Zinc is a perfect medicine to improve the immune system of the body. It is an essential mineral that obstructs the cold virus. You can eat zinc lozenges, of 23 mg in every 3 hours in a day. Do not take these lozenges more than a week. If you feel, you are about to catch a cold then take these lozenges, this will help to prevent the cold completely.

Vitamin A


Vitamin A is also beneficial as it helps in relaxing the membrane of mucus and respiratory system. An overdose of vitamin A is prohibited to the pregnant woman. Vitamin A fights with common cold naturally.

Raw Garlic


Raw garlic is extremely valuable for common cold. More than thousands of researchers have proved, that garlic has antibacterial, antiviral properties and it boosts the immunity. This inexpensive vegetable improves the respiration process. Cure a common cold naturally by eating garlic raw. Raw garlic can be eaten in salads or you can sprinkle in the meal and if you don’t like the taste of it then mix it with the little honey and have it. This will minimize the strong smell of raw garlic. Another helpful drink you can make at home is by mixing crushed garlic with thyme, honey, lemon juice and raw ginger in small quantity and then add hot water, mix well and drink it the entire day in small intervals. And if you don’t like to do so much of struggle, then simply consume 3 garlic tablets in a day in 3 to 4 hours interval.


Eradicate the cold naturally by taking Echinacea drops or capsules of 10 g, whenever you feel the first signal of cold. It is loaded with anti-inflammatory, antiviral and immunomodulator, which fights and deactivates the virus causing cold. And take 3 g of Echinacea, three times a day when you are already suffering.



You can get relief from nasal congestion by inhaling hot steam. Boil water in the bowl and add few drops of any essential oil as per your liking. You may put tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil. These essential oils work fantastically to fight off with these germs and dislodge the nasal congestion. The strong smell of this essential oil has the soothing effect and calms your senses.

Another most enjoyable method to heal from common cold naturally is through consuming hot liquids such as ginger tea or green tea, chicken broth or any spicy hot soup. All these delicious soups and tea will not only relax the nasal and chest congestion but will give you protein, mineral and sufficient nutrition as required for the body.

Foods to avoid during Common Cold

It is advised that milk products should be avoided during suffering from the cold. Make sure you don’t drink chilled or cold milk because they consist of an enzyme which releases histamine that can worsen the condition of chest and nasal congestion. Skip drinking alcohol as it sucks the vitamin C from the body. Stay away from the sugary and starchy foods as it suppresses neutrophils (a form of white blood cells that takes action against cold viruses.)

Naturopathy believes in curing the immune system of the body to rid of cold. The medicines used in naturopathy treatment for common cold are much better than other medication because another expensive medicine obstructs the natural immunity to respond against the cold. These medications will make you feel half asleep throughout the day.


Naturopathy medicines help to revitalize the natural balance of the body, gives you strength and the symptoms common cold are reduced in less time. Do visit the reputed naturopath, if the symptoms linger on more than a week. Make sure you are not allergic to any of these medicines before taking them.

Natural Ways to Combat Common Cold

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